Monday, October 27, 2008

Beasley's 4th Annual Pumpkin Party!!

thanks to everyone for coming out on saturday for the annual pumpkin fest~ we are so thankful to you all for giving of your time on a saturday afternoon to celebrate the season with us. above is the 6 foot 6 inch wicked witch of the west (richard) who took 1st place in the adult costume contest!!
above is keli & ryan's hilarious entry in the pumpkin carving contest... it was given the "runner-up" prize.... which was nothing but a pat on the back... sorry keli :)
rich here again with dana as the scarecrow
my great nephew, sweet gabe alexander, as Frankenstein

livi, me & drason went as THE LION THE WITCH and THE WARDROBE... of course, we failed to get a picture together (as usual) ... so above is drason as the wardrobe & livi & i are below....

let me just say... i love these people!!! this is my dear friend, keli, with her favorite two guys.... they are always up for a party & never fail to go all out!! here they are as peter pan, tinkerbell, and yes.... CAPTAIN HOOK. needless to say, beckham as captain hook took the kids costume prize hands down. (although difficult to see~ he even has a hook attached to his right hand & a a long black wig... what a great sport he was!)

joey with his bat

my good friends neru, ashley, amanda & jason.... i was so pumped to have them all there!

livi the lion

joely (masquerading as stephanie from lazytown) & her sons emmerson (superman) and oliver (who is sportacus from lazytown)
my sister jackie with my niece andrea & her son gabe

last year's winner was drason's niece dominique.... she delivered another great pumpkin this year & some steep competition!!
emily & ned vaden's entry.... they wanted to make sure the judges knew that no stencils were used in the creation of this beauty!!! :) a true original!

beth & gracey as a daisy....

and the judges..... these are my sweet friends i work with daily... lesley (dressed as a gardener with her little carrot, hazel,) and joely

neru with liv drae

jackie with her ghost
and the apple bobbing contest.... huge thanks to all the participants who dunked their heads in ice cold water for a chance @ a measly starbucks gift card..... AND THE WINNER IS.....

braxton drake who reports he will use his winnings for a hot chocolate @ the starbucks drive through.... which he will likely need after he comes down with pneumonia :)
the wicked witch couldn't remain wicked forever and lost the face paint (except the green ears) and took a turn at apple bobbing!

this was andrea's john mccain pumpkin... which i will have to admit was not much of a resemblance to him while the sun was up but after all guests had left, clean-up had begun, and the sun went down.... out popped the face of JOHN McCAIN... hard to tell in this pic because it is so blurry... but it was so neat! also, please do not fail to notice nathan's starry night pumpkin GLOWING in the background...

the watson's entry.... CODE BLUE!!! GO TITANS!!!!!

above is part of the award winning pumpkin (the turkey)

and here it is..... the thanksgiving pilgrims took the coveted trophy!!!!
GRAND PRIZE WINNERS: cam & beth... they swooped in on their very first year to the party & stole the trophy from all the ol' pros.... CONGRATS GUYS!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

gentry farm & friends

liv with her uncle brett
liv & beckham
brody reynolds, beckham weed, evan pevahouse, liv, rylee & aubree reynolds
liv pinching on aunt caryn

army crawl....that's all.

i'm mobile peeps! yes, just via the old army crawl method but i am getting around!
my nanny thelma & me in my new car.... i love it!

oh, and a few pics of me & my BFF beckham davis weed... (he thinks i'm so hot!)... here he is checking out my teeth & giving me love...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

a secret?? not any more!!

livi's had a secret she has been keeping for a while now.... she even kept if from her mom & dad for some time..... her lips were sealed! (which i must admire, being an expert secret keeper myself) but, now i think it is official!!!!

livi's got a new little cousin on the way!

one night her aunt dana & uncle rich took her to hang out for awhile & brought her back home wearing this little homemade onesie. after we finally noticed what it said, drason & i both screamed so loud we likely woke the neighbors.


now, livi is particularly fond of her aunt dana & uncle rich and is so excited she will soon have a very new little playmate living right across the street. there are no words to express our joy! they are going to be the most amazing & fun parents. we can't wait to travel this crazy journey together with them.... side by side.

congratulations you two!