Wednesday, December 23, 2009

....back to life.....

well, it's been awhile.
yes, looks like almost one year to the day since i last did a post on this blogspot. i must say, it has been a busy year. i'll spare you all the daily details of my tumultuous months & just chalk it all up to water under the bridge....except, of course, for one small detail....

this little guy.
he arrived on 10.23.09 & totally stole my heart. when i get a few precious moments to stare into his sweet face these days, i see his father. another little piece of drason for my very own. ahhh, i am so blessed.
(as i am constantly questioned about the choosing of his name, i'll go ahead with a little explanation here for those who are wondering. Bane. Hawaiian: long-awaited child -Alton. my father's middle name- Drake. the nickname drason's mother calls him)

most of you know this little lady & namesake of this blog, olivia drae. she is so much fun these days- i just don't know how it can get any better than this. she is officially warmed up to the idea of a baby brother & enjoying life again. she is totally pumped about santa & drason & i are on pins & needles for christmas eve to finally arrive! this year is going to be a ton of fun!

just a few more pics of my babies....

wishing you the merriest of christmases with your family.